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The Anticipation Begins…

Anticipation, excitement, energy. What is it about travel that heightens the senses? In a few hours I leave for my next big assignment. For me it will be a new country, a new culture and likely completely new experiences. The unknown pushes me outside of my comfort zone and rekindles my passion for exploration and creative endeavors. Just thinking about the trip makes my heart beat a little faster and my mind real at the possibilities. Anticipation builds for the experiences I am about to encounter. Scenes start playing out in my mind, and I start to pre-visualize the images I might come home with.

I believe pre-visualization and planning are fundamental in making things a reality. Without vision, thought, time and effort how can you expect to succeed? You cannot go into something blind without an idea. This is so important beyond just making great photography. Sure–it is critical towards making great images a reality. However, it is also imperative as a way of living.  How can you create a life or achieve a goal without first knowing where it is you want to go?

So, how do we do this? How does one pre-visualize while remaining open and flexible without losing sight of their original idea? Once the anticipation of a shoot turns into an unanticipated reality, do we abandon our original ideas? Or do we allow reality to help shape and morph our thoughts and ideas into something new — something better than we ever could have imagined? Are the unforeseen moments welcome friends or shunned enemies?

Personally I cherish the unknown and revel in the adversity that affects life. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and have their place and purpose. For me, getting outside the box pushes, expands and moves my creative soul. Whenever I travel to some place unfamiliar and face new experiences, I am forced out of my comfort zone into a whole new world or way of thinking. Is it always a comfortable process–not necessarily, but I welcome it because that is where the growth takes place and the milestones are met. So it is with an open mind that I head out today. But my most valuable tool will not be the equipment I take or even sketches of possible shots in my bag. The anticipation of what’s to come and the flexibility with which I meet it–that is what I know from experience will make all the difference.

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Mike scheduled to cover the 2009 Patagonian Expedition Race

PER3For the second year in a row, I’ve been invited to Chile in February to cover the 2009 edition of the Patagonian Expedition Race. This race is one of the longest and most difficult adventure races in the world. Held each year during the peak summer season in Patagonia, the race travels through some of the most pristine and remote wilderness left on the Earth. This year, over 12 internationally mixed teams of 4, will cover approximately 650 km over 10 days. Starting near the southeast edge of the Southern Patagonia Icecap, the teams will hike, mountain bike, and sea kayak through largely unexplored terrain ending at Cape Froward, the southernmost point on the mainland of South America.

PER4Last year I was one of the few international journalist invited to cover the race. To put it simply this was one of the most incredible experiences I had in my career. In every way possible it exceeded my expectations. Even though I have worked with many professional athletes, the athleticism, skill, and commitment of the racers was.

Unlike anything I had seen. The terrain they encountered was both extremely demanding and truly wild. One of the highlights for me as a journalist was a trekking section through Karukinka National Preserve. This private reserve on Tierra del Fuego is bigger than many US National Parks and was largely unexplored prior to the race. During a three day trek into the preserve while covering the race, we stood on top of ridges that hadn’t been seen by humans, looking out across a sea of peaks and geological features that were largely unnamed. It was a humbling experience I’ll never forget. I can only image how the racers felt having traveled through all 450 km of the race. To see a selection of images from last year’s race please visit the “Patagonian Expedition Race” portfolio on my main site here.

PER5If you are a client interested in publishing an article or images related to the race please call (801) 560-6136 or e-mail mike@miketittel.com. Along with my time in Chile covering the race, this year I will be extending my stay in Patagonia to explore more of the region. If you are a client in need of images from Southern Chile/Argentina please contact me as well. I’d love to discuss your project.

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