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New Print Portfolio

After nearly 6 weeks of hard work my brand new portfolio is finally finished. I owe a great deal of thanks to those who have helped me along as I truly could not have created something of this caliber on my own. One thing I have learned over the years is that you can only get so far with your own knowledge/expertise. So when I set out to create a new book I knew I wanted to work with the absolute best in the industry.

Prior to starting the project I decided to hire a consultant to help me with image selection. I knew taking my personal connection to the images out of the equation would ultimately allow for stronger body of work. Little did I know how much the experience would push me. After tons of research and preliminary conversations, I decided on Suzanne Sease since I felt a strong connection to the way she thinks and liked the fact that she had tons of real-world experience working in high-profile ad agencies. Suzanne challenged me throughout the process to let go of images I was emotionally tied to, making way for stronger images that more adequately conveyed my vision/style. Although difficult at times, I honestly cannot say enough enough good things about the process and the way she thinks.

Knowing I wanted my book to stand out from the crowd, I hired Scott of Mullenberg Designs to build me a one-of-a-kind custom portfolio and slipcase to display the new body of work. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s for a while so I was excited to finally get the chance to work with him. He is a true craftsman and artist in his own rite. The internal pages were beautifully designed by Cheryl at Isaacson Design and printed on Moab Entrada paper by Lincoln at PushDot Studio out of Portland, Oregon. The end results far exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the team I assembled to help me take things to the next level.

This summer I’ll be hittin’ the road with my brand new print portfolio in hand. I’ll be posting updates on the blog with specific dates and locations at a later date. For now plans are in the works to be in the Seattle/Portland areas in June, Denver/Boulder in early August and Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison/Minneapolis in mid-August. If you are in one of these cities and are interested in meeting up shoot an e-mail to I’d love to buy you lunch and share my latest work.

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