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From the Archives – Sea Kayaking in Pacific Rim National Park


As I suited up, I was beginning to wonder if my camera was going to survive. The winds were easily blowing 40-50 knots, and torrential rain was coming down sideways. It was wet–REALLY wet–and in all honesty I had never shot in such extreme conditions. After all how well could a 2 gallon ziplock bag, jimmy-rigged with half a roll of duct tape really protect thousands of dollars worth of gear? It was early October in Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino, British Columbia, and the first storm of the season was bearing down.


On the inside I was elated. Extreme conditions were exactly what I was after since we were shooting sea kayaking related images for Sealline, whose products are designed to keep gear dry in less-than-ideal conditions. It’s these challenging shoots, when I don’t know the outcome, that are most rewarding . . . kind of like climbing a mountain for the first time. At the time you wonder why you are subjecting yourself to such challenges but in the end, the discoveries along the way and feelings of accomplishment when you get home make it all worth while.

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Lessons Learned: Embrace challenges and don’t be afraid to improvise. In the end my camera survived, proving a little ingenuity and the right frame of mind go a long way in creating images. By using the wind to my advantage, I was able to almost fully protect my gear on the leeward side of my body allowing me to photograph my subjects as the weather impacted them and their gear.


A few images shot at Centered City Yoga earlier this week here in Salt Lake City with yoga instructor Kim Warren. Kim offers incredible yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico and here in the US. If you are into yoga check out her website or consider taking one of her classes.

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